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Thermoforming Design

We will work closely with you to help design a part that will form successfully and provide the best solution for your needs. If you already have a design, we will work with you to make sure the design is thermoforming friendly and designed to produce the best thermoformed part possible.

Design to Completion

For new projects we can work from various CAD files, prints, sketches, or verbal instruction. PANIC PLASTICS,  Inc.  can take your ideas, whether from a sketch scribbled on a napkin, a sample part, or a full CAD design and transform your dream and ideas into a thermoform design and produce tooling that will create a quality thermoformed part. Our CAD (computer aided design) CAM (computer aided manufacturing) system allows precise results from our CNC mills to produce close tolerance molds quickly. If your project requires more of an artistic touch we have talented designers with the experience to handle the most demanding designs. Please give us a call to discuss your project at no cost or obligation today.

Prototype Parts Samples

Once concepts (see below) have been designed, submitted and approved, prototype samples can be made quickly from a variety of inexpensive short run mold materials allowing the customer to view a physical sample to proof the design, to ensure that the finished production parts will be exactly what you expect before you invest in more expensive production tooling. After these prototypes are approved we then move onto producing production tooling.

Heatsink tray

Rod holder

Rod Holder Clam 2 University 2

Key Benefits

  • We can often provide a rendered image of your parts prior to committing to mold creation. This helps to eliminate miscommunication. 
  • In house design and mold creation saves you time.  
  • We know the thermoforming process capabilities and limitations, so we can design your parts for optimum results using the thermoforming process. 
  • Ours is a company that provides service that is unprecedented. Changes can be handled quickly and personally to help ensure rapid and accurate first article delivery.  


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